Tenant Representation

We have had growing success in helping retailers succeed because we do not rely on reading email blasts or sending them out. Sure, those are helpful but nothing replaces windshield time and digging out the right site.

  • Customer Profiling

    Learning what demographic types drive sales is the first step towards finding the right locations to intercept them. We use a wide array of demographic, GIS, and sales forecasting tools.

  • Development Planning

    What are your development goals and where would you like to grow? It is different for every company and a lot depends on capital and distribution. We can map out a development plan and calendar so that it meets your requirements and maximizes your investment.

  • Site Selection and Acquisition.

    With a good plan in mind, the process of digging out the right site in a trade area begins. We have heard of the “slam dunk” site but they are as common as the unicorn. It requires a lot of work to not only find the right site but to actually acquire it. We take great pride in making the effort on the front end so that you are successful for many years.